• BMW CCA Foundation

    About the Foundation

    In March, 2002, the BMW Car Club of America, an organization of over 79,000 members, formed the non-profit, tax-exempt charitable BMW CCA Foundation, Inc., to provide benefits to the motoring public community and owners of BMW automobiles. Its charter under Section 501(c)(3) enables the Foundation to establish programs to benefit the public in general, and BMW owners specifically. The vision of the Foundation is to be a significant repository of BMW information and to foster educational programs for the automotive community.

    Bylaws: BMW CCA Foundation Bylaws

    We’ve released our 2013 Annual Report, click here to view it.

    To that end, the Foundation established three programs to help accomplish its mission: The Preservation and Restoration Program (PRP), The Library, Archives and Museum Program (LAM), and The Driver Safety School Program (DSS), Tire Rack Street Survival.

    Last year, over 5,000 teenagers died in motor vehicle crashes, the leading killer of American youths aged 16 to 19, accounting for more than 40 percent of fatalities in that age bracket. To reduce this number we developed Tire Rack Street Survival, a non-profit, national driver education program aimed at teaching teens the skills they need to stay alive behind the wheel.


    Preservation and Restoration

    The Preservation and Restoration program was created to encourage the preservation of automobiles.

    We promote and support the keeping of automobiles, and we are dedicated to preserving all makes and models.


    Library, Archives, and Museum

    The Foundation encourages the diligent preservation of historic automobiles and items of historic value.

    We will create a comprehensive repository for BMW-related historical documents, literature and paraphernalia.


    Tire Rack Street Survival

    In April 2002, the Tire Rack Street Survival safe teen driving program was launched by the BMW Car Club of America Foundation.

    The Tire Rack Street Survival is built upon the premise and notation that "safe driving is learned by doing."